What is NAD+

NAD+ is an important coenzyme that exists in every cell and participates in almost every bodily function such as production of energy, damage restorations, metabolism and tissue regenerations, by increasing the metabolism of glucose, fat and amino acid, it is the pillar for healthy cells.
NAD+ is an important factor in producing energy for the body and the activity of Sirtuins – a protein responsible for the prolongment of age which is dependent on NAD+. Therefore, NAD+ is highly related to our preservation of youth and good health.

As we grow old, the levels of NAD+ in our bodies decline which will affect our regeneration functions, causing the activity of our cells to decline and degeneration of our various bodily functions.

NAD+ supplements cannot be directly absorbed therefore NAD+ supplements are not the best way to replenish NAD+.

Functions of NAD+

Within 15 minutes of oral intake, NMN can reach the blood and swiftly increases the levels of NAD+ , revolutionising the anti-aging and anti-age related diseases science.

What is NMN

NMN (β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is a NAD+ precursor that can be directly converted into NAD+. Research shows that it is the safest, most efficient, direct, and ideal way of replenishing NAD+. NMN is a derivative of vitamins in our bodies which also exists in vegetables and beef, however, the amount in food is too insignificant for it to be replenished through daily food consumptions.
NMN are molecularly small, making it more suited to be ingested externally. It can transport through cell membranes and be converted as NAD+ swiftly by our bodies, therefore decreasing the rate of aging, disorder of metabolism and old-age diseases.


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1 capsule of NMN


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Reference based on comparison with 250mg NMN

Factors of Aging

Research shows that the level of NAD+ declines as we grow old. When we reach the age of 30+, the level of NAD+ is half of when we were kids; our ability to create energy in your cells and DNA repair decline, leading our bodies to age.


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Internal & External Factors of Aging

1. Internal Factors

When we get older, the level of NAD+ in the body decreases, which causes cell aging and lack of energy, and reduces the function of the body's viscera cells, weakens the internal organs, and causes diseases.

2. External Factors

Affected by stressful work, busy lifestyle and environment, we are constantly living under high mental pressure and emotional instable state, this results in our poor sleeping quality and hence further lead to our physical health problems.


NMN research results

The effect of NMN on reversing cellular aging research results have been published in the world's two top scientific journals "Cell" and "Nature", which have attracted enthusiastic attention.

Problems caused by lack of NAD+

Discovery of NMN

Dr David Sinclair (Harvard Medical School) Led his medical team to discover a substance called β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) in fruits and vegetables.
NMN increases the levels of coenzymes (NAD+) in mammals, and repairs damaged DNA caused by aging and radiations. In March of 2017, Dr David Sinclair published this discovery in the Science magazine, demonstrating the significance of this finding.
This experiment was first done on mice, the team injected NMN (β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) into mice that were 22 months old (equivalent to humans of 60 years old), twice a day for one week. And they discovered the muscle atrophy in the mice had ceased, in addition, new muscle tissues were grown. Inspections showed that the biological age of the mice became 6 months old (equivalent to human of 20 years old), this result showed that the mice became younger biologically.
Dr David Sinclair then continued his studies on human, he started taking NMN himself. Before starting his experiment, he checked his biological age, he was 49 at the time, but due to his busy works and irregular daily routines, his biological age was 57. After taking NMN supplements, he began to feel younger and more energetic. After a period of usage, he checked his biological age again, and was excited to discover that it has declined from 57 to 33, his body condition has improved substantially, he became young again.

In March of 2017

Dr David Sinclair published this discovery in the Science magazine, demonstrating the significance of this finding.
Shin-ichiro Imai
Professor, MD, Professor of Developmental Biology and Medicine (part-time) at Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis, Missouri), graduated from Keio University School of Medicine, Japan, specializing in mammalian aging and lifespan control mechanisms.

rom 2010 to 2018, Professor Shin-ichiro Imai has worked with top institutions such as Harvard Medical School, University of Washington and Keio University and published his works and findings on renowned medical journals such as ‘Cell’, ‘Nature and Science’ on the anti-aging effects and mechanisms of NMN.

Professor Shin-ichiro Imai pointed out that only two companies in the world right can produce high purity, stable and pure NMN products, and both companies are from Japan, which explains the reason why the price of NMN products from Japan are usually higher.

M’s Premium 15000 NMN is well known for its high quality and is made in Japan.

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