It is recommended to start taking NMN at the age of 30, because the NAD+ value of the 40-50 year old group has dropped to 2.74, and the 60-70 year old has dropped to 1.08. Many young people in their 20s have the habit of staying up late and smoking and drinking, if you falls into this group, It is recommended to start taking NMN as early maintenance. * (According to an Australian medical article, the average NAD+ of new born babies is 8.54 )
It is recommended to take 1 capsule (250mg) of M’s Premium NMN 15000 for those under 40 years old, and 2 capsules (500mg) for those over 40 years old daily. *Professor David Sinclair takes 1000mg servings of NMN per day.
It is recommended to take NMN supplement before meal or other supplements/medicine with warm water in the morning for the best results, allowing the body to absorb NMN and quickly convert it into NAD+. High NAD+ levels drive mitochondria to produce energy molecules and ATP levels also increase, making you more energetic.
Taking NMN will not cause physiological dependence, because NMN is a substance possessed by the human body itself, and it is also contained in many foods. It is not addictive and can be taken with confidence. Many natural foods, vegetables and fruits contain NMN, and there are no side effects when taking it for a long time.
This will surely not happen, but your body will revert to the aging process.
Studies have shown that long-term use of NMN is beneficial for stabilizing blood pressure and improving insulin sensitivity. It is recommended that NMN and hypertension and diabetic medicine should be taken at least 2 hours apart. At the same time, monitor blood pressure and blood sugar levels every day. If there is a consistent decrease in your blood pressure or blood sugar level, you should consult your doctor to decide whether a reduction of the dosage of medicine is necessary.
For hypertensive consumers, their blood pressure stabilise because various functions begin to recover after the increase of NAD+ levels in the body, the NMN consumption does not directly lower the blood pressure levels. No scientific studies have found any adverse effects of NMN on hypotension.

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