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不老伝説 強き体
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Customer Reviews for NMN Japan

Ms. Tanaka is already 66 years old and she still wishes to stay young and charming. After taking NMN Japan, her beauty is prolonged and she feels that her body is healthier.
At the age of 51 years old, Ms. Saito is happy to see herself stay young after taking NMN Japan. She is also proud that her friends have been telling her that she looks more glowing and brighter.
65 years old Mr. Yoshioka has set his goals to witness his grandchildren growing up, he takes NMN to improve his physical health.
Ms. Ishida immediately starts taking NMN after she found out its benefits, she feels that NMN is helping her body transform and improve leading to better health.


不老伝説 強き体 長寿の泉

Name of Product

M’s Premium NMN 15000​


β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

NMN Contents

250mg x 60 Capsules

How to Preserve NMN Japan

Keep away from sunlight, high temperature and humidity

All natural and vegan ingredients, suitable for vegetarians and vengans.

NMN Japan Potential Benefits

M’s Premium NMN15000

12 Main High Potency

NAD+ molecules can stimulate activity of cells, enhancing physical strengths
Activates the anti-aging protein Sirtuins to slow aging down
Restoration and regeneration of DNA cells
Maintains metabolism and body weight
Enhances muscles functions and mobility
Improves cardiovascular health, prevents high blood-pressure and cholesterol
Improves insulin resistance and high blood-sugar
Prevents decrease in bone mass density
Improves depression and insomnia
Improves the immune system
Prevents aging of skin
Protects against COVID-19*
*On 20th April, 2020, Dr Robert J. Huizenga from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center published a report regarding COVID-19 patients improving dramatically upon receiving NMN Japan supplements.

What is NMN? Where to buy NMN in Hong Kong?

NMN is a popular anti-aging product in recent years, and it can help prevent COVID-19, shorten the recovery time of infected patients, and there are even studies showing NMN can enhance the effectiveness of cancer treatment! What exactly is NMN Japan and where can you buy NMN in Hong Kong?

The full name of NMN is β-nicotinamide mononucleotide, NMN is a derivative of vitamin that exists in the human body and natural food. NMN can easily be converted into the coenzyme NAD+ necessary for the human body. It is also considered to be a key component to increase the level of NAD+ in body cells. When we age, the level of NAD+ in the body will gradually decline. When our cells do not have enough “fuel”, the functions of various organs will be affected, causing the body to experience aging symptoms. In other words, NMN helps to make more NAD+ in the body, thereby delaying the aging process.


Before constructing the efficacy of NMN and choosing the NMN product, we must first understand what NAD+ does. Mainly, the auxiliary enzymes undergo various chemical reactions in the body, such as transferring energy to the glands and mitochondria, thereby promoting metabolism.

Women pay the most attention to the effect of anti-aging and beauty. NMN Japan can activate the longevity protein Sirtuins in the body, scavenge free radicals, and help regulate the performance of sleep genes, thereby regulating our biological clock and improving insomnia. Long-term use of NMN can show that the complexion will return to a rosy luster. It can improve skin elasticity and reduce fine lines, making the skin younger and more energetic. According to research analysis, human sleep time is related to the level of NAD+ in the body. As NAD+ levels in the body decrease with age, this may be the cause of insomnia or low quality of sleep. Furthermore, ultraviolet rays will reduce NAD+ in the skin, accelerate skin aging, and make the complexion dull and uneven. NMN can restore the ability of cells to recover from ultraviolet damage and effectively slow down aging.

However, NAD+ ingested from food or supplement form cannot directly be used by the body. To generate NAD+, NMN is a necessary precursor. Therefore, taking NMN through NMN supplements can promote the body to produce more NAD+ and repair cells more effectively, and in turn achieve the above benefits and maintain physical vitality. When we follow the recommended daily intake dosage of NMN health supplement products, there are no side effects of NMN.

NMN should be taken daily, to increase anti-aging effects, the optimal daily dose of NMN ranges from 250mg to 1000mg (depending on age and physique, the correct dosage should be taken according to the instructions on the product), and the body must consume at least 250mg of NMN to effectively increase NAD+ level. If the NMN content is too low, it will not be as effective. Consuming NMN 1-2 hours before bed allows it to be fully absorbed during sleep, which is more effective in improving sleep quality and preventing the chances of insomnia. And let our body undergo repair during sleep.

NMN value in NMN of Japan origin and NMN available in Hong Kong

Each NMN Japan and NMN product in Hong Kong has an “NMN value”: such as NMN9,000, NMN12,000 or NMN15,000, etc., which stands for the total NMN content of each bottle of health supplements. For example, NMN9,000 of 60 capsules should contain 60 x 150mg NMN per capsule, which makes the total of 9,000However, consumers should be careful that some brand may mislead the consumers by showing a total content weight rather than the NMN net content weight.

No major side effects of NMN Japan. Safe to buy NMN in Hong Kong

NMN side effects are also a concern. Currently, no research has found any side effects of NMN from Japan. The NAD+ converted from NMN is originally a coenzyme in the body. Taking NMN through Japan NMN products will increase the NAD+ that gradually reduced in the body and will not produce other chemical reactions. This is a supplement not medication, by taking NMN as directed there is no need to worry for any side effects.

There are also rumors that NMN can cause cancer. So, when we take NMN for anti-aging purposes, would there be a higher risk of getting cancer at the same time? *1 Experiments show that NMN strengthens CAR-T cells and inhibits the growth of cancer cells injected into experimental mice.*2 Studies show that NMN helps to enhance the effects of cancer treatments, NMN also activates cells, enhances immunity, and reduces the effects of aging and foreign invasions on the body.




M’s Premium NMN 15000​

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NMN from Japan and Buy NMN in Hong Kong - Frequently Asked Questions

In the market of various Japan NMN products in Hong Kong, the first thing we need to check is whether the product is clearly labeled as containing β-nicotinamide mononucleotide or β-NMN. The purity and quality of NMN should be the most critical considerations. Generally, NMN health products with a purity greater than 99% can be considered, We should also look out to see whether the product has relevant quality certification (such as JFRL, GMP, SGS, etc.). In addition, NMN produced with yeast fermentation such as M’s Premium NMN should be selected. The NMN produced by this production method is more stable and can better ensure the quality of NMN.  NMN is highly sensitive to high temperature and humidity, where it is easily decomposed into vitamin B3. Therefore, most brands will only do the purity test in the state of NMN powder.

M’s Premium’s NMN 15000 is very stable, and challenges the humidity limit by dissolving NMN in water for 3 hours, its high stability successfully passes the harsh test conditions and maintains the quality at 100% purity, ensuring consumers can absorb a high quality NMN, where its safety can be guaranteed.

The optimal daily dose of Japan NMN ranges from 250mg to 1000mg. The most important thing is to look at the NMN content of each capsule. It is recommended to choose M’s Premium NMN15000. The efficacy of NMN is scientifically proven, and its natural yeast fermentation production method ensures production of a high quality NMN products from Japan. Currenltly, some large-scale clinical studies are based on daily intake of 250-500 mg. Based on content of each NMN capsule is 250 mg, taking one capsule if you are under 40 years old and two or more capsules per day if you are over 40 years old, it will help you to achieve the effect of health care and cell repair.

The body needs to consume at least 250mg of NMN to effectively increase the NAD+ level. Many foods contain NMN, such as broccoli, avocado, tomatoes and other vegetables, but the content is very small. According to statistics, taking one capsule of 250mg NMN is equivalent to eating 36 kg of broccoli. This shows that it is very difficult to consume enough NMN needed by the body and convert it into NAD+ from daily diet. It is a more convenient and a more effective choice is to consume NMN from NMN supplements. Taking a person’s weight 60kg as an example, it is recommended that the person aged 40 or above to consume 500mg of NMN per day.

Studies* have shown that a type coronavirus can reduce NAD+ levels in cells by 80%, and along with it, immune function will also decline, making it more likely to cause complications or aggravate body conditions. On the contrary, if you can take Japan NMN and supplement enough NAD+, you can maintain a healthy immune system, help prevent infection of COVID-19, and also have an effect on shortening the recovery time of mild patients.

In recent years, different studies and clinical experiments have found that NAD+ levels are related to thousands of physiological reactions in the human body and are an important substance to maintain the performance of various functions of the body. Since Japan NMN can directly increase the level of NAD+ in cells, NMN products have many functions: beauty functions improving wrinkles, maintain blood vessel elasticity, maintain cardiovascular health, relieve pain and inflammation, promote gene repair, strengthen cell regeneration, promote brain health, improve concentration and memory. Buy M’s Premium NMN from our Hong Kong shop now!